SHAO KAHN MORTAL KOMBAT mk11, video games, mk ps4

SHAO KAHN MORTAL KOMBAT mk11, video games, mk ps4

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  • Vinyl will be no larger on any side than the size you choose
  • Please to not try to apply to grainy surfaces 
  • For example; If you choose 6" either the height or width will be 6" depending on the longest side of the design
  • If you need a specific size just let us know
  • Images can be reversed upon request
  • If you have a specific image you would like done, please feel free to send me a message.
  • Colors may vary slightly from pictured
  • There will be no background, the background becomes whatever you stick it to


  • Returns will not be accepted because of failed application.
  • If your decal is damaged in transit it may be replaced


  • Free shipping includes Standard mail
  • Upgrade to first class with tracking for $2.87
  • Upgrade to 2-3 day Priority Mail for $6.50
If you have any questions or issues please feel free to send us a message.
Our first priority is making sure you as the customer is happy

If you need assistant or advice when applying your decal please feel free to message us.
Additional sizes available upon request
Thank you